Thursday, 17 October 2013

(After Drinking) Are tu hi mera asli bhai he!!!!

If you’ve ever been drunk or been around a drunk then I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Are tu hi to mera asli bhai he!!!” This phrase is commonly used when a person is intoxicated and is in the company of humans, dogs, chairs or mice. Any living or non-living thing becomes the most beloved in front of a drunk who’s full of love. But then there are the depressed drunk ("Bhai girlfriend ne chod diya"). And equally menacing drunk ("Bhai lagi padi he charo taraf se"), the frustrated drunk ("Bhai shot hogaya he").

Yesterday My friend just got admission in some engineering college. He asked me a question, “Can i smoke ,drink and have engineering as a career?” Since I am also an Engineer, to his serious question, I said,” Are tu hi to mera asli bhai he...!!! Yes of course you can, why not? one is career and the other is hobby. so i don't see any problem. And waisebhi ajkal engineering colleges ke aju baju baki kuch nai hua to bhi tapri hoti hi he.”

Why do people drink? Are they a connoisseur? No, they probably cannot even spell it or even pronounce it correctly after getting drunk. Do they like the taste? Probably not, since they makes that weird face after every big gulp of the whisky that goes down his throat by saying,” Ahhh aj gala gila kiya he bhai ne !!!” Is it a cultural thing? Definitely not, in a religious country like India drinking is more or less considered to be sin. Although that does not deter even the most pious of followers who duly spill a cap full of Old Monk on the floor and dedicate it to Bhole Nath. And after 2-3 pegs bolenge, “ Bhai ke liye koi joshila gana baja.”

The only reason we drink is to get drunk. That is the only reason why we heads to local bar after hard day saying,” BAR BAR din ye aye...BAR BAR me hum jaye.” and buys our favourite drink saying, “ Hamka pini he pini he hamka pini he.” When we get out of the bar having no sense and loosing all the sophistication, we say,” Ab ye sab mujhe SHOBHA nai deta, shobha se yad aya bhai ko SHOBHA dedo.”

We always try to pretend that we have great stamina.

“Bhai 17 pegs peene ke baad bhi main seedha khada tha banjo!”“Saale kabhi hamare saath baith ke piyo, hum sikhayenge kaise karte hain hold the drink.”“Dude I know this guy who’s like this tanker man. I mean I shit you not but he drank 11 bottles of beers in front of me and he was still fine.”

Sadly, for the common Indian drunk, this specific culture is not particularly embraced by the common public here. In lands outside of India they drink wine when they eat, they consider scotch to be a religion, cops drop the drunks to their home safely and women probably don’t get raped all the time by tipsy men. The situation in India is quite the opposite. Drunks here are a nuisance. Drunks here are ‘over-friendly’ to the extent that they molest women to show their love. Drunks here are looked down upon even if they are good drunks and become happy high after a few drinks. Drunks are not welcome here.

Our philosophy is simple. We drink to get high. We love to get drunk. We feel that it’s a waste if we drink and not feel out of our senses. That’s what our real thoughts are when it comes to drinking. And for some reason we’re quite cool with it and don’t see any reason to change.We, the average Indian drunks, don’t want to grow up. Even 10 years from now we want to pee in our pants, drunk dial, get in car crashes, hump street dogs, and wake up with no memory of the previous night whatsoever. That’s who we are. And that’s who we will be. Always. Proud.

Before I end my blog i would like you to read a peom i found on internet  

Bewde Zameen par...!!  

Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin 
Bar main daily jaata Hoon Main Maa ... 
Yun To Main,Dikhlata Nahin 
Daru peekar roz aata hun Main Maa .... 
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata, Hain Na Maa... 
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata, Meri Maa... 
Theke pe Yun Na Chhoro Mujhe , 
Ghar Laut Ke Bhi Aa Naa Paoon Main Maa... 
Paua lene Bhej Na Itna Door Mujko Tu, 
Ghar bhi bhool jaun main Maa... 
Kya Itna Bura Hoon Main Maa... 
Kya Itna Bura Hoon Main ...Meri Maa.. 
Scotch main ,itna peeta nahi, 
Peg Se Seham Jaata Hoon Main Maa 
Chehre Pe Aane Deta Nahin 
Lekin kabhi ludak jaata Hoon Main Maa 
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata...Hai Naa Maa 
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata, Meri Maa ... 

Also a poem link for Engineers:-

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Why don't girls propose to guys?

Yesterday, I was chatting with one of my friend. We had a long chat, and while chatting I asked her why is she still single. To my surprise she said that no one had proposed her till date. May be she lied, but from her chat I could make out that many girls don’t want to propose boys first, instead they want boys to propose them. 

For the same question one girl gives answer of same question by giving two reasons, the very first is, girls do not propose at first because they have a mind set that its only boy's work to propose at first. Second reason is they are scared of hearing 'NO' from boys for their proposal which makes them go through hell (After Effects) for many days and on other hand if girl refuses boy's proposal then it doesn't affect boys that much.

I was thinking for a while is that right thing to do?  And here I am with my own views on above question.

Few girls do share their feelings and approach boy, but many don’t. It is believe that boys need to be stronger, courageous and propose a girl, instead of girls doing that. The shy nature of girls, their self respect, and the fear of rejection make them to lack behind boys in loving someone. Social structure and society superstitions too stop them from taking such step.

If girls do propose any boys, it becomes a topic to discuss which makes them feel cheap to others; this too prevents them from taking such step. Most importantly, girls want boys to share their feelings and make them feel special. It is good that girls need to be more special, and they should maintain their self respect.

Though many might debate that girls and boys are of no difference, I feel that on an average boys are more dominating, capable, courageous, stronger and ahead in many things. It is believed in earlier olden days that men have to take step ahead of women and be superior. Now, with the course of time this has become the permanent characteristics of society. So, still boys have a choice to propose girls they love, and share their feelings.

Girls normally don’t share their feelings; hence they let their feelings subside within themselves. They are not exercising their rights and letting go away with their choice. It would only make them lose their choice, and they may land up with someone whom they don’t wish to stay forever.

Presently, where both girls and boys have an equal opportunity; don’t let your choice go away with fear of social acceptance. Feel free to express yourself. But, know what you should be doing, and do that at right time to a right person.    

But, if girls want boys to take initiative in sharing their feelings, and if boy accepts it then it has become a natural understanding, and can be considered as a part of mannerism. Let’s accept it then if you feel it is worth accepting.

So, Here’s the link “10 Reasons Why Girls Should Propose a Guy”

P.S. :- Don’t presume that I am waiting for someone to approach and propose me. Neither I am trying to influence anyone.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Relationship Status In Modern India

Much of this article relates to the metropolitan-fast-paced-urban lifestyle which often leaves less or no respect and regard for relationships.

“I will love you all my life
Always be by your side
And I will give you all I have
Cause you gave me peace and joy….again, again, again….”
-Jennifer Lopez

Love, the word itself strikes a million chords in our hearts. For each one of us it rings a different bell, for some their crushes, for others their boyfriends, and for some — their parents.
It is a very surprising web of emotions and love it is that binds us to other humans. The relationships are the foundations of our emotional and mental stability. No one can remain in isolation from other human beings and it is these various relations that help us survive and enjoy the life that we have been blessed with. A relationship is a deep emotional bond with another individual. The tendency to form a deep emotional bond to another individual is a universal feature of human life.
Modern relationships are very different from those in older times. A man need only accidentally see a woman in a mode of undress and he would be obligated to marry her. Attributes such as purity, virginity, and celibacy were requirements for an unmarried woman. It would be quite difficult to find an adult female today who possesses these traits — at least in metropolitans. However, an advantage to this freedom ensures that a man and woman today need not enter into marriage just for the sex. It seems to hold true also, that a relationship which suffers through unsatisfying sex doesn't last. Which now is just about a breakup – not a divorce [even-though the breakup can be equally heart wrenching at times]. “Gone are the days where you dated in high school or college and then he slapped a ring on your finger after graduation.”
These days’ relationships have an all-new meaning. They are short-lived, meaningless, at times only physical, and lately use and throw relationships seem to be the raging trend. Short-term relationships such as flings, one-night stands have become so common that the true essence of love seems to be lost somewhere. There is nothing wrong with having a no strings attached relation, but the emotional consequences (how much ever you may deny) that one has to bear are not justified. For today’s youth love is blended with lust and in this process they give up their morals, ethics and consciousness. We need to be careful about whom you have repeated intimate contact with – we are likely to form an attachment to that person. And once an attachment is formed, it can be very difficult to break. Without realizing this, individuals today are gallivanting around without giving their actions today a single thought. Love, soul mates, all these things seem to be of the past. And the worst bit remains that the realization quotient in people has become zero.
It’s this attitude that ‘it’s all about me, what’s good for me’ a bad thing? We’re all so selfish nowadays, and it seems to be having an effect — adverse. Depression rates are higher than ever. Ridiculously high expectations often render the relationship baseless.
It seems today that (women especially) are always trying to find the ‘perfect’ man ‘for them’. Are we all blind? Nobody is perfect. Yet we all are so ready to just give up, drop everything and quit when things take a bad turn. We don’t work on relationships any more. If someone slips up, we deem them ‘not right‘ for us, and we move on. Insecurities in modern relationships create fertile ground for infidelity and relationship “jumping”. Every woman wants an Edward Cullen and every boy a Bella [or the perfect on-screen couple]! With the equality of the sexes, Men can now look at women as capable and strong entities, capable of providing for themselves and others, women can do it all. When he no longer is “having fun” or enjoying the relationship it is just too easy for him to move on and start afresh, leaving the woman behind to be the responsible one and the male feeling no sense of guilt, because, hey, “She can take care of herself”.
Our relationships today are headed for a doomsday scenario if the present status continues. We have stopped valuing them and caring about them, forgetting in the process that relations are very delicate. They need to be handled with love and care and be nurtured with affection combined with warmth and fondness.
We have to understand that love abides in everybody and we have to learn to respect and value people. As individuals we need to understand other beings around us to live a peaceful and better life. Love teaches us to value, to care to forgive. And it is this beautiful feeling, which connects everybody. In this fast paced world that we are living today where love has lost it’s meaning, we need to recreate it and its passion. And endure in making the world believe and feel that there is nothing more beautiful in this world than to love and be loved.