Saturday, 23 November 2013

Have a Happy Breakup...(Move On)

Warning: I know the blog is bit longer but its worth reading for those who experienced breakups in their life. This will inspire people surely.

Why I am writing this blog?  My reason is to assist the beautiful young people who are ‘JUST stuck’ in the Relationships.
Am I qualified to write a blog as this? Well my CV gives me the confidence. I have had a few break ups. 

Can say for sure – I am representing 90% of the ‘today’s generation men’. The remaining 10 %     ( ‘True Love’ waaley Mard ) can post angry comments at me (in the comments below) as they- I know are very good at pretending to be “committed”.
So, without further ado, sidha point pe ata hu...:p

Letters starts with "abc", numbers starts with "123", Love starts with "you and me ♥ ♥".

Every relationship starts with a common filmy melodrama "The day I met you was my favorite accident and even today I love those injuries." (self sadism)

I feel very lucky when I am with you. (Kyun Bhai- woh Lux cozi hai kya? Making you feel ‘Apna Luck pehan ke chalo! :) )

My love for you is like a rose with thorns. I hold you, knowing you will hurt me. But I am willing to bleed for you.
Further – Email enabled mobile phones, Free SMS services , late night calling free (Get an Idea) , 3G and whatever G (you know what ). Ladki wait karti hai kab gyaarah bajenge aur kab Night Calling free hogi aur kab JAANU mera number milaayenge..Gyaarah Bajte hain and the phone rings and the girl screams. “Hi jaaaaaaan!!! Love you Muaaah…AUR BATAAO”… Kuch baat hi nahi hai karne ko toh aur kya batayega bechaara. . When there’s nothing to talk.
So if a relationship starts with such an intense love the breakup chances are very less (close to 1%) and even in that 1% case there’s got to be something really meaningful for them to be separated. So with mutual understanding they can separate for a better life……

Was thinking about the lives of 100′s of people & found that majority of the problems in their lives are- ‘Relationship issues’ which are ego based.

The problem starts when this need ‘to be pampered’ assumes disproportionately large sizes in our minds. Most women and men; I meet – I see them over doing things to :-

-Impress people
-Trying to be a ‘Hero / Heroine’ …

The need to feel ‘PAMPERED’ is the root cause of most of our ‘People Issues’, Emotional turmoils & Incompetencies. Remember the MOHRA song-“Mujhe Pyaar Karo..Subah se lekar Shaamtak..Shaam se lekar Raat tak..Raat se phir Subah tak..As if aur koi kaam nahi hai duniya me karne ko..If you keep feeling the need to be PAMPERED, then woh Din kabhi nahi aayega jab tum dono ek hi bachche ko PAMPERS pehnaao. You are not your ‘FB’ status that people should LIKE you…Trust me – no one is Thinking about you ! Only you are taking yourself over-seriously.

Ladies are more likely to get attracted to men with ‘a Sense of Humor’. Girls do not love SRK for no reason… Men have realized that to get a woman to love them; they need to get her laughing.Someday – the lady begins to feel – ‘Ye mard mujhe khush rakhegaa’. Ya yeh MARD mujhe DARD ke ehsaas nahi hone dega” Amul Macho type feeling! Ye to bada Toing hai !

Girls do get attracted to men with a sense of humor…But I don’t think the relationship with such men would last long, because after a while the girl will start saying things like “Aap kabhi serious kyun nahi hote ho?”…”har time mazaak ni acha lagta”…”tum mere liye serious ho ya main bhi mazaak me hi hu?”

Well I find people to be confused in their own minds- at the outset of the relationship. They want too much e.g. usually girls want that the guy should be the ‘Macho’ of ‘Rab ne bana de Jodi’ or Rahul (Khuch Khuch Hota Hai) or Akash (Dil Chahta Hai) – but Dil se they need Mister Surinder Sahni of Punjab Power (Rab ne banaa di Jodi).Aur agar – package deal mein – ‘Caring nature, Possessive attitude, 4-6 Packs, Money, Car, Good Family, Sense of Humor, Dressing sense – aa jaayein to ‘Yo Baby!’ ho jaayegaa. Isko var maala daala to life jhingalala.

Girls packing pe mat jao ; andar ka gift important hai. So – girls apni ‘eye candies’ ke liye movies ka sahara lein; aur final decision mein ‘Brain ka bhi ishhara lein’. Women expect too much. Your man can not look into your eyes daily – the same way – he did – when he did for the first time.

As I look around – I pitifully see that ‘Relationships ka spiderweb bana huaa hai’. I hear stories about one person dating 3, Relationships between cousins, extra marital, etc etc. Trust me- in sab fasaad mein –

‘Swaad hoga ; par junoon nahin hoga’ , ‘Chaska hoga ; par sukoon nahin hoga’

Your secret relationship will never treat you like a ‘Priority’; but just like an OPTION .It is much better to be single than to be someone’s dirty and miscellaneous secret. Value the ‘KISS’ approach. Imran Haashmi waali nahin – Ranbir Kapoor waali (Keep it Simple silly).

Imraan Haasmi se yaad aaya – ‘Post complete sex’ ; most relationships begin to dwindle’ . Trust me. That’s why – you must treat sex in any relationship as a sweet dish and not the main food.Ab tum sweet dish khaane ke baad- khana yaad nahin karte naa ?’

All relationships become boring after some time.

SYMPTOMS of: – When should you break up / When ‘Sweety Sweety Sweety tera pyaar NAHIN chahidaa’ / ‘Ye Dil Maange NO more now’

- You were eagerly waiting for this blog post – the surest sign of you being in dire need for a break up.

- When your FB status says – ‘It is Complicated’ – Break up. Move on

- When there is more seriousness in your conversations than laughter and lightheartedness – when throughout your meeting/ late night telephonic conversation – you maintain a stupid, constipated look.

- When you have to think before speaking your mind i.e. when you cease being yourself

- Daily fights, one gets angry and the other consoles….and vice-versa.

- When talks like these start “main pehle tumse milke bahut khush rehti thi , but ab to tum bas ladte rehte ho”…

This was the trailer of a new Daily Soap “Kahaani Girl Girl/Boy Boy ki”

-Disloyalty / Infidelity is not allowed in relationships. Number portability and dual SIM cards – whenever discovered – should be used to ban the outgoing / incoming of any kind. Usually people in such relationships say that the ‘spark is missing in their relationships- that’s why they went out’. Ab bhai – spark kahaan se aayegaa ; tumhara spark plug to kissi aur engine ko spark de raha hai

-Girls – you deserve a better man – if your man treats you just like ‘Nothing’. It is your problem then – ‘If you call him your everything’. Move on! DARR ke AAGE Dusra PREET hai ..You deserve someone better. If you cannot love yourself – no one else will ever be able to complete you.

If it is not helping you ‘Rise and be better’ ; if it is not inspiring you – WALK away… if you find yourself getting worse, day dreaming more, working less, being less passionate about your dreams – IT IS NOT LOVE. Love as an emotion, is meant to inspire – if it is not inspiring you to be better – it is a waste of time. Quit the person; as you would quit your Job – as the person is always demoralizing you. Adjustment jaroori hai ; par do not compromise your dignity and self-esteem(tedha hai par mera hai; har jagah applicable nahi hota). See if there is a repeat pattern about this thing. If it is – Cut the crap! You are beautiful – remember this. There are many beautiful concepts waiting for you. Go and claim. One life ! Rise & Shine ! (chain se sona hai to jag jao…..aur us gadhe ko chhod ke; kisi aur ke sath bhaag jao)

Don’t always keep doing Ctrl S (Saving) for everything in life- especially a relationship that you most certainly need to Ctrl + Alt + DELETE. Jab kuch galat hum likh dete hain, usko delete karna chahiye, save karke apne dimag ka hardware crash nahi karna chahiye. (DIMAG KA DAHI NA KARE aur lassi to bilkul hi na banaye )

The moment you think – “I was happy being single” THIS is the moment you should be one. If you believe there is a reason why you met the person, you should also believe that there should be a reason why you must break up. Take the learning and ‘Move Ahead’; while you prepare for the right one. That’s it. Do not visit their FB Profiles time and again. Kyunki khuch daag achay NAHIN hotey. Dho Daalo !

As Oprah Winfrey said it so finely – ‘Some people are going to leave. But that’s not the end of YOUR story. It’s the end of THEIR part in your story’.

I cried every time; when I broke up with my favorite lady. I thought – the world has fallen apart. I loved those ‘Judaai’ songs then. ‘ISHQ AB KARIYO NA type ke gaane sunta tha…’ But – read carefully next – ‘I do not even know – where those ladies are these days and they have mothered whose child?’Faaltu mein senti huaa / Apna time barbaad kiyaa. Aaj jab wo kissi aur ke ghar ki bijli banni huin hain – it wasn’t worth naa then??

Remember – ‘Jawaani ke bahut kum rishtey aapkey pati / patni bantay hain’. Sab pe menti-sental nahin huaa karte’. Apni bijli khud bachao (Ye vishesh soochnaa- Janhit mein jaari)….

If you cannot ‘Love’ yourself – trust me – ‘there are many more break ups waiting to happen in your life’. Counting start kar do. Sansani

Ladies & Gentlemen – If you’re worrying about your love life and your ‘marks in board exams’ at the same time; trust me – you are too young for the former. Saari zindagi yahi to karnaa hai. Abhi zyada zaruri padhna hai … DIL TOH BACHCHA hi RAHEGA JI (Personally experienced)

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Wo Rat Bewdo Ke sath ( Philosophy Of Bewdes)

I have just experienced a really interesting Drink Session with my  friends in recent night out, which proved Bewdes are great  philosophers.

Since I left drinking ( no particular reason :p), I enjoy the Drink  Session seeing my friends doing  strange things after getting drunk.

I tend to have quantity of food on night out. ( Yes, a cheap date as  per my friend’s opinion)

It has struck me, though, that ‘getting drunk’ has recently become  very a la mode for Indian teenagers. This was not always the case, since this was my first  night out without getting drunk  and enjoying “Philosophy of Bewdes”.

Now I have many friends who wont meet me for a cup of tea or  coffee. They meet only to drink  whisky. 

Let me share the experience of how I got to know about Philosophy of Bewdes. Recently I have  been to house party where bottles of spirits are pilled on the table  and people drink whisky, vodka, rum, etc. ( jyada stock nai bas  yehi kuch 3-4 khambe for 6-7 people). If you say you are not drinking, you are considered lame. 

Now the party started. One friend said to me, “ Aj tera bhai gala gila karega bohot dino ke bad”.  Everyone raised their glasses full of whisky and said “cheers”. In  my group usually every peg they make is small, Philosophy behind  it is-” They want to play long inning (drink till the morning)”.

As everyone enjoying their drinks, suddenly one of my friend got a  call so he went to a gallery to  talk and after some 15 mins, when he entered he literally took  whisky bottle and started drinking  neat whisky from bottle saying, “ Are bhai shot hogaya” and ye hua and wo hua, bla bla bla. After some time he went to bathroom and  showed his “Kalakari” by painting walls of the bathroom with red  and yellow of vomit :p. Every group has some inebriated person that could show his artistic  skills in bathroom only, by drinking so hard. Philosophy behind it  is-” The speed at which you get drunk depends on how much you  drink, not what you drink. It is completely based on your stamina  and how you tolerate heavy drinking.”

After he lost his sense we tried to let him sleep, assuring him  everything will be alright tomorrow. 

And now the party came back on track, again everyone started  enjoying. Suddenly one said, “ Are kya ek dusre ko dekhake pi  rahe ho. Koi gana bina bajado. “, he put on lappy and played some sad songs. After 10-15 min one of my friend got emotional and said, “ Tujhe to pata  hena meri girlfriend ka story, she  cheated on me yar. I missed her so much, I cant live without her,”  Other friend replied, “ Are bhad  me gayi teri Girlfriend , puri utar di tune meri, She was a slut ,  forget her”. Philosophy Behind it is-” In every drink session getting emotional, talking about problems and regretting about bad  experiences is must. And many don't really bother about others      problems rather they want to  concentrate on drinking.”

Then one friend said getting hardcore drunk,” Are yar ciggi khatam hogaya he, chal bike pe jake  leke atehe”. And since i was the only person not drunk he took me with him. I said, “ Chal piche  beth jaldi jake leke atehe”. He said, “ Aj tera bhai bike chalayega,  beth piche”. I was shocked this was happening as he was the driver. My only option of survival, short of jumping out, was to stay  alert and act as backstreet driver, keeping my eyes glued on road.  He said he ‘ did this all the time’. Once we reached he was unable  to park the bike on slope. He said, “ Are mera 1st gear  ka  problem he dekhna bike upar hi nai jaraha.” I said,” Clutch to chod Chu***”. Philosophy Behind  it is- “ Not one Indian man I know who drinks and drives thinks there is anything wrong with it,  despite high profile cases of drunk drivers killing people in Mumbai being splashed over the front pages of the  papers on a regular basis.”

When we reached home safely, everyone was dancing on some  house mix. After some 2-3 hours when every one lost their senses all started sleeping. Then in morning its time to go home.  But big problem was “ The Hangover”. One friend said,” Are yaar dimag ke lage pade he.” Other  friend replied, “ Nimbu nichod ke pi panime.” Philosophy behind it is-” In our session we learnt  that black coffee and cold showers cannot cure hangovers. The only thing that can is patience – waiting for the alcohol to be removed from your system by your   liver. Nothing can be done to  speed this up. The way to avoid to getting drunk is to eat food when drinking, never drink on an  empty stomach, and put your drink down, don’t hold it, as you will drink less. And instead of  boozing, you should focus on dancing or chatting and other  activities at parties.”

Whole experience for me just to watch and observe what they were doing. Indian teenagers  currently have social problems like binge drinking(heavy episode  drinking), drunken unplanned  pregnancies, and drunken brawls are commonplace. Luckily there  is a lot of focus on dancing at  parties, and many teenagers anyway don’t drink. But many of the modern yuppie aspiring elite  teenagers do drink. A lot. With increased wealth and money, comes a lot of new social problems,  and teenagers needs to brace itself for those. The perceived need  for Adidas, nike and ipods is  already accompanied by a perceived need for imported spirits, wine and beers. There is nothing  wrong with drinking booze, provided it is done in moderation.
But the shift might soon be from worrying about slums and the homeless on the streets to needing Counselor for depression, relationship breakdowns and alcohol and drug abuse..

Morale- There are two kinds of people I don't trust: people who  don't drink and people who collect stickers. 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

(After Drinking) Are tu hi mera asli bhai he!!!!

If you’ve ever been drunk or been around a drunk then I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Are tu hi to mera asli bhai he!!!” This phrase is commonly used when a person is intoxicated and is in the company of humans, dogs, chairs or mice. Any living or non-living thing becomes the most beloved in front of a drunk who’s full of love. But then there are the depressed drunk ("Bhai girlfriend ne chod diya"). And equally menacing drunk ("Bhai lagi padi he charo taraf se"), the frustrated drunk ("Bhai shot hogaya he").

Yesterday My friend just got admission in some engineering college. He asked me a question, “Can i smoke ,drink and have engineering as a career?” Since I am also an Engineer, to his serious question, I said,” Are tu hi to mera asli bhai he...!!! Yes of course you can, why not? one is career and the other is hobby. so i don't see any problem. And waisebhi ajkal engineering colleges ke aju baju baki kuch nai hua to bhi tapri hoti hi he.”

Why do people drink? Are they a connoisseur? No, they probably cannot even spell it or even pronounce it correctly after getting drunk. Do they like the taste? Probably not, since they makes that weird face after every big gulp of the whisky that goes down his throat by saying,” Ahhh aj gala gila kiya he bhai ne !!!” Is it a cultural thing? Definitely not, in a religious country like India drinking is more or less considered to be sin. Although that does not deter even the most pious of followers who duly spill a cap full of Old Monk on the floor and dedicate it to Bhole Nath. And after 2-3 pegs bolenge, “ Bhai ke liye koi joshila gana baja.”

The only reason we drink is to get drunk. That is the only reason why we heads to local bar after hard day saying,” BAR BAR din ye aye...BAR BAR me hum jaye.” and buys our favourite drink saying, “ Hamka pini he pini he hamka pini he.” When we get out of the bar having no sense and loosing all the sophistication, we say,” Ab ye sab mujhe SHOBHA nai deta, shobha se yad aya bhai ko SHOBHA dedo.”

We always try to pretend that we have great stamina.

“Bhai 17 pegs peene ke baad bhi main seedha khada tha banjo!”“Saale kabhi hamare saath baith ke piyo, hum sikhayenge kaise karte hain hold the drink.”“Dude I know this guy who’s like this tanker man. I mean I shit you not but he drank 11 bottles of beers in front of me and he was still fine.”

Sadly, for the common Indian drunk, this specific culture is not particularly embraced by the common public here. In lands outside of India they drink wine when they eat, they consider scotch to be a religion, cops drop the drunks to their home safely and women probably don’t get raped all the time by tipsy men. The situation in India is quite the opposite. Drunks here are a nuisance. Drunks here are ‘over-friendly’ to the extent that they molest women to show their love. Drunks here are looked down upon even if they are good drunks and become happy high after a few drinks. Drunks are not welcome here.

Our philosophy is simple. We drink to get high. We love to get drunk. We feel that it’s a waste if we drink and not feel out of our senses. That’s what our real thoughts are when it comes to drinking. And for some reason we’re quite cool with it and don’t see any reason to change.We, the average Indian drunks, don’t want to grow up. Even 10 years from now we want to pee in our pants, drunk dial, get in car crashes, hump street dogs, and wake up with no memory of the previous night whatsoever. That’s who we are. And that’s who we will be. Always. Proud.

Before I end my blog i would like you to read a peom i found on internet  

Bewde Zameen par...!!  

Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin 
Bar main daily jaata Hoon Main Maa ... 
Yun To Main,Dikhlata Nahin 
Daru peekar roz aata hun Main Maa .... 
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata, Hain Na Maa... 
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata, Meri Maa... 
Theke pe Yun Na Chhoro Mujhe , 
Ghar Laut Ke Bhi Aa Naa Paoon Main Maa... 
Paua lene Bhej Na Itna Door Mujko Tu, 
Ghar bhi bhool jaun main Maa... 
Kya Itna Bura Hoon Main Maa... 
Kya Itna Bura Hoon Main ...Meri Maa.. 
Scotch main ,itna peeta nahi, 
Peg Se Seham Jaata Hoon Main Maa 
Chehre Pe Aane Deta Nahin 
Lekin kabhi ludak jaata Hoon Main Maa 
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata...Hai Naa Maa 
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata, Meri Maa ... 

Also a poem link for Engineers:-

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Why don't girls propose to guys?

Yesterday, I was chatting with one of my friend. We had a long chat, and while chatting I asked her why is she still single. To my surprise she said that no one had proposed her till date. May be she lied, but from her chat I could make out that many girls don’t want to propose boys first, instead they want boys to propose them. 

For the same question one girl gives answer of same question by giving two reasons, the very first is, girls do not propose at first because they have a mind set that its only boy's work to propose at first. Second reason is they are scared of hearing 'NO' from boys for their proposal which makes them go through hell (After Effects) for many days and on other hand if girl refuses boy's proposal then it doesn't affect boys that much.

I was thinking for a while is that right thing to do?  And here I am with my own views on above question.

Few girls do share their feelings and approach boy, but many don’t. It is believe that boys need to be stronger, courageous and propose a girl, instead of girls doing that. The shy nature of girls, their self respect, and the fear of rejection make them to lack behind boys in loving someone. Social structure and society superstitions too stop them from taking such step.

If girls do propose any boys, it becomes a topic to discuss which makes them feel cheap to others; this too prevents them from taking such step. Most importantly, girls want boys to share their feelings and make them feel special. It is good that girls need to be more special, and they should maintain their self respect.

Though many might debate that girls and boys are of no difference, I feel that on an average boys are more dominating, capable, courageous, stronger and ahead in many things. It is believed in earlier olden days that men have to take step ahead of women and be superior. Now, with the course of time this has become the permanent characteristics of society. So, still boys have a choice to propose girls they love, and share their feelings.

Girls normally don’t share their feelings; hence they let their feelings subside within themselves. They are not exercising their rights and letting go away with their choice. It would only make them lose their choice, and they may land up with someone whom they don’t wish to stay forever.

Presently, where both girls and boys have an equal opportunity; don’t let your choice go away with fear of social acceptance. Feel free to express yourself. But, know what you should be doing, and do that at right time to a right person.    

But, if girls want boys to take initiative in sharing their feelings, and if boy accepts it then it has become a natural understanding, and can be considered as a part of mannerism. Let’s accept it then if you feel it is worth accepting.

So, Here’s the link “10 Reasons Why Girls Should Propose a Guy”

P.S. :- Don’t presume that I am waiting for someone to approach and propose me. Neither I am trying to influence anyone.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Relationship Status In Modern India

Much of this article relates to the metropolitan-fast-paced-urban lifestyle which often leaves less or no respect and regard for relationships.

“I will love you all my life
Always be by your side
And I will give you all I have
Cause you gave me peace and joy….again, again, again….”
-Jennifer Lopez

Love, the word itself strikes a million chords in our hearts. For each one of us it rings a different bell, for some their crushes, for others their boyfriends, and for some — their parents.
It is a very surprising web of emotions and love it is that binds us to other humans. The relationships are the foundations of our emotional and mental stability. No one can remain in isolation from other human beings and it is these various relations that help us survive and enjoy the life that we have been blessed with. A relationship is a deep emotional bond with another individual. The tendency to form a deep emotional bond to another individual is a universal feature of human life.
Modern relationships are very different from those in older times. A man need only accidentally see a woman in a mode of undress and he would be obligated to marry her. Attributes such as purity, virginity, and celibacy were requirements for an unmarried woman. It would be quite difficult to find an adult female today who possesses these traits — at least in metropolitans. However, an advantage to this freedom ensures that a man and woman today need not enter into marriage just for the sex. It seems to hold true also, that a relationship which suffers through unsatisfying sex doesn't last. Which now is just about a breakup – not a divorce [even-though the breakup can be equally heart wrenching at times]. “Gone are the days where you dated in high school or college and then he slapped a ring on your finger after graduation.”
These days’ relationships have an all-new meaning. They are short-lived, meaningless, at times only physical, and lately use and throw relationships seem to be the raging trend. Short-term relationships such as flings, one-night stands have become so common that the true essence of love seems to be lost somewhere. There is nothing wrong with having a no strings attached relation, but the emotional consequences (how much ever you may deny) that one has to bear are not justified. For today’s youth love is blended with lust and in this process they give up their morals, ethics and consciousness. We need to be careful about whom you have repeated intimate contact with – we are likely to form an attachment to that person. And once an attachment is formed, it can be very difficult to break. Without realizing this, individuals today are gallivanting around without giving their actions today a single thought. Love, soul mates, all these things seem to be of the past. And the worst bit remains that the realization quotient in people has become zero.
It’s this attitude that ‘it’s all about me, what’s good for me’ a bad thing? We’re all so selfish nowadays, and it seems to be having an effect — adverse. Depression rates are higher than ever. Ridiculously high expectations often render the relationship baseless.
It seems today that (women especially) are always trying to find the ‘perfect’ man ‘for them’. Are we all blind? Nobody is perfect. Yet we all are so ready to just give up, drop everything and quit when things take a bad turn. We don’t work on relationships any more. If someone slips up, we deem them ‘not right‘ for us, and we move on. Insecurities in modern relationships create fertile ground for infidelity and relationship “jumping”. Every woman wants an Edward Cullen and every boy a Bella [or the perfect on-screen couple]! With the equality of the sexes, Men can now look at women as capable and strong entities, capable of providing for themselves and others, women can do it all. When he no longer is “having fun” or enjoying the relationship it is just too easy for him to move on and start afresh, leaving the woman behind to be the responsible one and the male feeling no sense of guilt, because, hey, “She can take care of herself”.
Our relationships today are headed for a doomsday scenario if the present status continues. We have stopped valuing them and caring about them, forgetting in the process that relations are very delicate. They need to be handled with love and care and be nurtured with affection combined with warmth and fondness.
We have to understand that love abides in everybody and we have to learn to respect and value people. As individuals we need to understand other beings around us to live a peaceful and better life. Love teaches us to value, to care to forgive. And it is this beautiful feeling, which connects everybody. In this fast paced world that we are living today where love has lost it’s meaning, we need to recreate it and its passion. And endure in making the world believe and feel that there is nothing more beautiful in this world than to love and be loved.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Eleven Minutes ( Story Of Prostitute) by Paulo Coelho

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

Bold subject…even bolder narration…still there is no object of obscenity in the whole book.

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho sails smooth like a stream in plains, a candle in calm weather and a kite in favorable wind.

Since I was in search of better book to read. Then I came across this book of paulo Coelho.  It’s been a decade since this novel of Paulo Coelho, whose books are believed to have a life enhancing effect, was published and I think it is too late to write a review but I am still writing this because more than the name of the author, it is a good literary work that needs to be promoted and it is the responsibility of a voracious reader who comes across some real good work of words, to pass on the words of wisdom or advice to the the avid readers, the inquisitive minds that hunt for knowledge, worth exploring.

Eleven Minutes is a story of a prostitute (really…I don’t think so) or a dreamer (who dares to dream something unimaginable to people of her kind) or a believer (who never stopped believing she can achieve what she aspires for) or a learner (who welcomes new thoughts as one welcomes life), or I am not sure as she was everything for me…a mother…a teacher or a guide…a beautiful, vulnerable… sometimes helpless girl.
I won’t reveal the story as I don’t want you to miss the magic the story will spell around you and if you have already read it then there is no need either.
All I would say is read this book if you haven’t read it yet and discover the sacred love that is born and bred in the most ignoble place on the face of earth.
Paulo Coelho through the protagonist, a prostitute named Maria, conveys the message that no matter what you are and what circumstances you are into, dream your way through hard times without letting your hopes and endeavors die.
Take away from Eleven Minutes
Dreams do come true…live your dreams and endeavor to realize them.
About Paulo Coelho (Source: Wikipedia)
Paulo Coelho (born August 24, 1947) is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist. He has become one of the most widely read authors in the world today. He is the recipient of numerous international awards, amongst them the Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum and France’s L├ęgion d’honneur.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Girls under restriction

          We feel proud saying there is no single profession where we can’t see girls. In every profession women are at the utmost position from conductor to entrepreneur.  They are changing the conscience of male dominant country like India, that they also can do anything that men can and suddenly ……..something disgraceful, shameful happened in the place which we used to call safest place in India for girls. Yes I’m talking about Mumbai.

          A girl who is photo journalist by profession was gang raped in Shakti mills near mahalaxmi station in Mumbai.  And we got different reactions across the country while observing the impact of incident happened in Mumbai.

          Similarly another girl was trying to catch a train from kurla station and suddenly some random person groped her. At first she was utterly confused but the time she comes to know train already passed the station and she went home mutely. A girl from ahmednagar stays in pune for education. She got annoyed by the wanton and mischievous boys around her colony that used to tease her when she was returning from college. And after complaining, police did not take any actions saying don’t get outside after 7 otherwise something bad will happen.  I think for this advice police officer should get Nobel Prize for peace. What rubbish. It’s their duty to protect her, but No.

          Numbers of eve teasing cases are increasing day by day. It does not have any limits and exceptions over time and place. At least Local trains have different compartments for men and women, but girls say condition in bus is more horrible. Anyone comes and does something and run away and in time we come to know that person got out of the bus. One day while travelling in a bus, a lady stopped the bus and dragged the conductor itself to police station. Everyone was getting late but no one said anything.

          One day I asked my friends that how many of them never experienced the eve teasing. But unfortunately no one said they are safe in their hometown.  One of my friend said,” every girl is a victim of eve teasing one or the other way but she never confront it considering what people will think and its always about losing respect when you say you are a victim.” One friend told me she carry knife while travelling long distance.
Rape and eve teasing is not new in our country. So the girls are been restricted to be at home before 7 in evening.  Therefore they hardly have seen the world after 8 in evening.
If there is any event in college till 9 or 10. Then girl’s parents usually come to receive them or boys and girls together go home in a group. And the girls who stay far never attend such events in college.

          Seriously! If today any girl says she want to go alone somewhere then her parents start scolding her saying you have not seen world yet. That’s why many girls got habituated going somewhere in groups.

          But these restrictions are frustrating for those who are like “GYPSY” (indirect meaning- traveler). We have to face and protect ourselves from those wantons. We ourselves have to keep that “Mumbai spirit”.

          After the incident many girls got vigilant, alert and cautious. It is not like before this incident they were not alert. But the fear has increased in their mind. It is true that girls got disturbed because of the incidents such happened one after another. Recent incident happened in Shakti mills was not new to us but unknowingly it happened in our city.
And that’s why many girls have restricted their working hours and started roaming in groups. Which concludes that when we call ourselves we are modern and developing and keeping our girls under restrictions.

Think Again……

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Poll 1

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Why is the Rupee falling so rapidly against the Dollar?

After two weeks I'm writing a blog. Since i was finding some topic to write on. but i realized the crisis that India is facing now is continuously falling value of rupee. It is one of the dark topic so i thought every one should know why Indian rupee loosing its value and what we can do for it.

Money is not an organic creature but its value keeps changing with the society and its economic conditions. One rupee in 1947 is not the same as one rupee today, both in terms of appearance and purchasing power.

The value of a country's currency is linked with its economic conditions and policies. 

“The value of a currency depends on factors that affect the economy such as imports and exports, inflation, employment, interest rates, growth rate, trade deficit, performance of equity markets, foreign exchange reserves, macroeconomic policies, foreign investment inflows, banking capital, commodity prices and geopolitical conditions," says Pramit Brahmbhatt, chief executive officer, Alpari Financial Services (India), a foreign exchange brokerage.

It is actually quite simple. Less the dollar in indian market, more will be its value and that  means downfall of rupee because as of today you are paying 68 rupees for 1 dollar.Now, we should go into the reasons for the same-

The most important thing that India imports is crude oil – we import crude oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Venezuela etc. and these countries don’t accept the Indian Rupee for payments, they want us to pay them in an internationally accepted currency like the USD or Euro. It would have been great if these countries accepted the Indian Rupee but they don't and India can’t print the USD or the Euro, so we have to rely on other means to get US Dollars.

How do we get US Dollars?
There are three main ways in which India gets USD. The first one is obvious enough, when we export goods and services – we get paid in USD. The second one is also fairly obvious which is investment. When foreign investors invest in India – they bring in USD and that’s another way to get USD.

The third way which is not very apparent is remittances - NRIs sending in money to India. 

What do these things tell us?

These things tell us that it is absolutely essential for us to have a steady flow of USD or other big currency coming in the country in order to finance our oil bill and pay for our other imports, if we run out of foreign exchange, we will be in big trouble because without oil, nothing else will function.

The measure for whether this equation is fine or not is called CAD (Current Account Deficit), which is largely the difference between exports and imports and in India’s case, the CAD is becoming higher and higher with each successive month, and this means that India’s foreign exchange reserves are diminishing.

One of the big factors worsening India’s CAD are the ever increasing gold and oil imports. The festival of Akshaya Tritiya contributed to heavy imports recently, and that in turned made the CAD even worse. If India spends USD on gold then that reduces the forex reserves for other important commodities like oil. Now reducing dependency on oil is not easy and hence reducing its import is not easy.

Theoretically, if there were no gold imports then that would eliminate the burden on forex reserves, and in a way it will help the Indian economy. However, you can’t eliminate gold imports completely because a lot of people depend on gold jewelry and investments for their livelihood, and India has always imported gold.

So, the problem then is not so much gold imports but the great pace at which these imports have increased in recent years, and the pressure it is putting on the foreign exchange reserves, and the worsening CAD.

Will stopping gold imports help the Indian economy?

The answer to this question is simple – no, simply stopping gold imports will not help the Indian economy because a lot of people depend on gold for their livelihood, and they need gold imports to remain in business and survive.

Will slowing down gold imports help – yes I believe they will help because they wouldn’t be such a big drain on our forex reserves and that will be great.
However, the recent rise in gold imports have been investment driven and that is largely due to the rise in gold prices, and a lack of other investment alternatives available to Indians.

What we need is a better investment climate that helps people get other alternates to gold for investment, and that also helps with the other factors that I wrote about above related to bringing in foreign exchange in the country. You want a climate where exports rise (services exports declined last month), foreign investments come into the country – both in the form of FDI and FII, and all that in turns help the CAD.

Now on a lighter note, the following joke is the most hilarious one I've read in a long time.

"The only time the Indian Rupee goes up is during a Toss."

The INDIAN economy is in a crisis and if we do not take proper steps to control those, we will be in a critical situation. More than 30,000 crore rupees of foreign exchange are being siphoned out of our country on products such as cosmetics, snacks, tea, beverages, etc. which are grown, produced and consumed here.

A cold drink that costs only 70 / 80 paise to produce, is sold for Rs.10 and a major chunk of profits from these are sent abroad. This is a serious drain on INDIAN economy. 

What you can do about it?

Buy only products manufactured by WHOLLY INDIAN COMPANIES. Each individual should become a leader for this awareness. This is the only way to the country from severe economic crisis. You don't need to give-up your lifestyle. You just need to choose an alternate product.

Daily products which are COLD DRINKS,BATHING SOAP ,TOOTH PASTE,TOOTH BRUSH ,SHAVING CREAM,BLADE, TALCUM POWDER ,MILK POWDER ,SHAMPOO , Food Items etc. All you need to do is buy Indian Goods.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Can’t Imagine a Life without Internet

Have you ever felt absolutely alone, as if the world has come to an end, and time has stood still?

Yes, that is exactly how I felt when my MTNL internet connection decided to take a break last night exactly when the clock struck 12. I being a night creature was left stranded in a deserted island. Everyone was asleep, I had finished all the good books, could not find the newspaper.

I tried to play Angry Birds but every few seconds I kept checking for the little blue blinking sign that shows whether the internet is up again. Alas, my hopes were dashed.

I finally woke up with  important questions

What did people do back in days when there was no internet?
How did everyone pass their time?
How did people know what is going on in the world?
How did people work from home
How did they get important work done when there was no email?

For someone like me for whom the internet going down is a scarier phenomenon than apocalypse, I can’t help wondering what people used to do in pre internet era. The first word comes in mouth when internet is down is” WTF”. I can’t imagine a life without internet thinking how people “had a life” (a very direct reference to my obsession with the computer, laptop, smartphone and the internet). And when I put on detective caps on to see what people do when internet is down .

And here are the top things in our list!

Turn into a poet/Writer/Painter

What could be better than getting into the sad mood while penning down lines for your lady love? Most of the people we know take out their pen (writing pen don’t take different meaning.. P) and notebook (the real notebook, with papers and all) and write lines or draw something on life and sadness, the world and love and so on. And as soon as the internet comes back to life, all that is heaped on their shelf. Love and life are not on top of priority list after all.

Ransack the fridge and kitchen

This sin list includes me. Food and computers are always in a race to get to the top of my list of favorite things in life. And it happens with a lot of us. Care to disagree with me? Well, try not to run to your kitchen the next time you take a break from the computer.

Call up the service provider and get crazy

This should actually be the first thing you do, but we generally take a food break when the signal goes down. Once when the internet went down for more than half an hour, my friend called up the infamous service provider but the answering machine said,” Ap katar mehe apka call hamareliye mahatvapurna he, shigrahi apka call hamare grahak pratinidhi ke sath jod diya jayega.”and when a lady picked the call he gave her a piece of his mind. It was a pretty impolite monologue. When finally after five minutes of absolutely exhausting his vocabulary, he was consoled by the lady on the line, he could mutter out a thank you. People around him thought something really tragic had happened, the way he was talking on the phone. His BP(blood pressure) must have risen considerably during those precious waiting moments till the net turned back.


Go on a walk with your pets

Grumpy the cat would not do that with you, but goofy the dog would love to drag you off the screen for some time. Next time, don’t wait for him to bribe the service provider into cutting your connection; take your dog on walks regularly.


Have a life

This includes meeting real people, going on a date with a real girl, meeting up with friends in a bar and doing normal people stuff. Enjoying the sunshine and rain and sometimes the winter chilly winds. But yes, it means getting up from the chair and getting in touch with the real world.



Though this might not sound exciting, but a computer person (in my vocabulary, A computer person is one who is perennially married to his/her computer/laptop/desktop and refuses to move their bums from their chairs to even get a glass of water.) only leaves his beloved computer to sleep or answer nature’s call. And when the internet goes down, they get an excellent reason to reboot their brains with a long nap.


Curse, Abuse, Get violent

This paragraph has A Rating – At times when a man/woman gets frustrated beyond measure they may resort to unusual behavior like holding you by the collar and calling you ungodly names and accuse you of stealing their only guilty pleasure in life – the internet. They may also break a few pieces of furniture and demand the CIA or FBI or CID or some high tech agency to look into the matter and get their connection fixed immediately. In times like this, we suggest you take a chloroformed napkin and knock the person unconscious till things return to normal.

Last But Not the Least :P :D

If anyone asked you ,” Agar net sachime chala gaya to hum kya karenge??”

Ans:-Hawan Karenge, Hawan Karenge….



Moral:-My research has shown that internet addicts are as bad as drug addicts. Even though people can be put into rehabs where they can learn to live without those chemicals, it is next to impossible to make us internet addicts live without this. And as far as “having a life” is concerned, heaven forbid if we are forced to have one without the almighty cyber world.