Friday, 30 August 2013

Girls under restriction

          We feel proud saying there is no single profession where we can’t see girls. In every profession women are at the utmost position from conductor to entrepreneur.  They are changing the conscience of male dominant country like India, that they also can do anything that men can and suddenly ……..something disgraceful, shameful happened in the place which we used to call safest place in India for girls. Yes I’m talking about Mumbai.

          A girl who is photo journalist by profession was gang raped in Shakti mills near mahalaxmi station in Mumbai.  And we got different reactions across the country while observing the impact of incident happened in Mumbai.

          Similarly another girl was trying to catch a train from kurla station and suddenly some random person groped her. At first she was utterly confused but the time she comes to know train already passed the station and she went home mutely. A girl from ahmednagar stays in pune for education. She got annoyed by the wanton and mischievous boys around her colony that used to tease her when she was returning from college. And after complaining, police did not take any actions saying don’t get outside after 7 otherwise something bad will happen.  I think for this advice police officer should get Nobel Prize for peace. What rubbish. It’s their duty to protect her, but No.

          Numbers of eve teasing cases are increasing day by day. It does not have any limits and exceptions over time and place. At least Local trains have different compartments for men and women, but girls say condition in bus is more horrible. Anyone comes and does something and run away and in time we come to know that person got out of the bus. One day while travelling in a bus, a lady stopped the bus and dragged the conductor itself to police station. Everyone was getting late but no one said anything.

          One day I asked my friends that how many of them never experienced the eve teasing. But unfortunately no one said they are safe in their hometown.  One of my friend said,” every girl is a victim of eve teasing one or the other way but she never confront it considering what people will think and its always about losing respect when you say you are a victim.” One friend told me she carry knife while travelling long distance.
Rape and eve teasing is not new in our country. So the girls are been restricted to be at home before 7 in evening.  Therefore they hardly have seen the world after 8 in evening.
If there is any event in college till 9 or 10. Then girl’s parents usually come to receive them or boys and girls together go home in a group. And the girls who stay far never attend such events in college.

          Seriously! If today any girl says she want to go alone somewhere then her parents start scolding her saying you have not seen world yet. That’s why many girls got habituated going somewhere in groups.

          But these restrictions are frustrating for those who are like “GYPSY” (indirect meaning- traveler). We have to face and protect ourselves from those wantons. We ourselves have to keep that “Mumbai spirit”.

          After the incident many girls got vigilant, alert and cautious. It is not like before this incident they were not alert. But the fear has increased in their mind. It is true that girls got disturbed because of the incidents such happened one after another. Recent incident happened in Shakti mills was not new to us but unknowingly it happened in our city.
And that’s why many girls have restricted their working hours and started roaming in groups. Which concludes that when we call ourselves we are modern and developing and keeping our girls under restrictions.

Think Again……

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Poll 1

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Why is the Rupee falling so rapidly against the Dollar?

After two weeks I'm writing a blog. Since i was finding some topic to write on. but i realized the crisis that India is facing now is continuously falling value of rupee. It is one of the dark topic so i thought every one should know why Indian rupee loosing its value and what we can do for it.

Money is not an organic creature but its value keeps changing with the society and its economic conditions. One rupee in 1947 is not the same as one rupee today, both in terms of appearance and purchasing power.

The value of a country's currency is linked with its economic conditions and policies. 

“The value of a currency depends on factors that affect the economy such as imports and exports, inflation, employment, interest rates, growth rate, trade deficit, performance of equity markets, foreign exchange reserves, macroeconomic policies, foreign investment inflows, banking capital, commodity prices and geopolitical conditions," says Pramit Brahmbhatt, chief executive officer, Alpari Financial Services (India), a foreign exchange brokerage.

It is actually quite simple. Less the dollar in indian market, more will be its value and that  means downfall of rupee because as of today you are paying 68 rupees for 1 dollar.Now, we should go into the reasons for the same-

The most important thing that India imports is crude oil – we import crude oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Venezuela etc. and these countries don’t accept the Indian Rupee for payments, they want us to pay them in an internationally accepted currency like the USD or Euro. It would have been great if these countries accepted the Indian Rupee but they don't and India can’t print the USD or the Euro, so we have to rely on other means to get US Dollars.

How do we get US Dollars?
There are three main ways in which India gets USD. The first one is obvious enough, when we export goods and services – we get paid in USD. The second one is also fairly obvious which is investment. When foreign investors invest in India – they bring in USD and that’s another way to get USD.

The third way which is not very apparent is remittances - NRIs sending in money to India. 

What do these things tell us?

These things tell us that it is absolutely essential for us to have a steady flow of USD or other big currency coming in the country in order to finance our oil bill and pay for our other imports, if we run out of foreign exchange, we will be in big trouble because without oil, nothing else will function.

The measure for whether this equation is fine or not is called CAD (Current Account Deficit), which is largely the difference between exports and imports and in India’s case, the CAD is becoming higher and higher with each successive month, and this means that India’s foreign exchange reserves are diminishing.

One of the big factors worsening India’s CAD are the ever increasing gold and oil imports. The festival of Akshaya Tritiya contributed to heavy imports recently, and that in turned made the CAD even worse. If India spends USD on gold then that reduces the forex reserves for other important commodities like oil. Now reducing dependency on oil is not easy and hence reducing its import is not easy.

Theoretically, if there were no gold imports then that would eliminate the burden on forex reserves, and in a way it will help the Indian economy. However, you can’t eliminate gold imports completely because a lot of people depend on gold jewelry and investments for their livelihood, and India has always imported gold.

So, the problem then is not so much gold imports but the great pace at which these imports have increased in recent years, and the pressure it is putting on the foreign exchange reserves, and the worsening CAD.

Will stopping gold imports help the Indian economy?

The answer to this question is simple – no, simply stopping gold imports will not help the Indian economy because a lot of people depend on gold for their livelihood, and they need gold imports to remain in business and survive.

Will slowing down gold imports help – yes I believe they will help because they wouldn’t be such a big drain on our forex reserves and that will be great.
However, the recent rise in gold imports have been investment driven and that is largely due to the rise in gold prices, and a lack of other investment alternatives available to Indians.

What we need is a better investment climate that helps people get other alternates to gold for investment, and that also helps with the other factors that I wrote about above related to bringing in foreign exchange in the country. You want a climate where exports rise (services exports declined last month), foreign investments come into the country – both in the form of FDI and FII, and all that in turns help the CAD.

Now on a lighter note, the following joke is the most hilarious one I've read in a long time.

"The only time the Indian Rupee goes up is during a Toss."

The INDIAN economy is in a crisis and if we do not take proper steps to control those, we will be in a critical situation. More than 30,000 crore rupees of foreign exchange are being siphoned out of our country on products such as cosmetics, snacks, tea, beverages, etc. which are grown, produced and consumed here.

A cold drink that costs only 70 / 80 paise to produce, is sold for Rs.10 and a major chunk of profits from these are sent abroad. This is a serious drain on INDIAN economy. 

What you can do about it?

Buy only products manufactured by WHOLLY INDIAN COMPANIES. Each individual should become a leader for this awareness. This is the only way to the country from severe economic crisis. You don't need to give-up your lifestyle. You just need to choose an alternate product.

Daily products which are COLD DRINKS,BATHING SOAP ,TOOTH PASTE,TOOTH BRUSH ,SHAVING CREAM,BLADE, TALCUM POWDER ,MILK POWDER ,SHAMPOO , Food Items etc. All you need to do is buy Indian Goods.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Can’t Imagine a Life without Internet

Have you ever felt absolutely alone, as if the world has come to an end, and time has stood still?

Yes, that is exactly how I felt when my MTNL internet connection decided to take a break last night exactly when the clock struck 12. I being a night creature was left stranded in a deserted island. Everyone was asleep, I had finished all the good books, could not find the newspaper.

I tried to play Angry Birds but every few seconds I kept checking for the little blue blinking sign that shows whether the internet is up again. Alas, my hopes were dashed.

I finally woke up with  important questions

What did people do back in days when there was no internet?
How did everyone pass their time?
How did people know what is going on in the world?
How did people work from home
How did they get important work done when there was no email?

For someone like me for whom the internet going down is a scarier phenomenon than apocalypse, I can’t help wondering what people used to do in pre internet era. The first word comes in mouth when internet is down is” WTF”. I can’t imagine a life without internet thinking how people “had a life” (a very direct reference to my obsession with the computer, laptop, smartphone and the internet). And when I put on detective caps on to see what people do when internet is down .

And here are the top things in our list!

Turn into a poet/Writer/Painter

What could be better than getting into the sad mood while penning down lines for your lady love? Most of the people we know take out their pen (writing pen don’t take different meaning.. P) and notebook (the real notebook, with papers and all) and write lines or draw something on life and sadness, the world and love and so on. And as soon as the internet comes back to life, all that is heaped on their shelf. Love and life are not on top of priority list after all.

Ransack the fridge and kitchen

This sin list includes me. Food and computers are always in a race to get to the top of my list of favorite things in life. And it happens with a lot of us. Care to disagree with me? Well, try not to run to your kitchen the next time you take a break from the computer.

Call up the service provider and get crazy

This should actually be the first thing you do, but we generally take a food break when the signal goes down. Once when the internet went down for more than half an hour, my friend called up the infamous service provider but the answering machine said,” Ap katar mehe apka call hamareliye mahatvapurna he, shigrahi apka call hamare grahak pratinidhi ke sath jod diya jayega.”and when a lady picked the call he gave her a piece of his mind. It was a pretty impolite monologue. When finally after five minutes of absolutely exhausting his vocabulary, he was consoled by the lady on the line, he could mutter out a thank you. People around him thought something really tragic had happened, the way he was talking on the phone. His BP(blood pressure) must have risen considerably during those precious waiting moments till the net turned back.


Go on a walk with your pets

Grumpy the cat would not do that with you, but goofy the dog would love to drag you off the screen for some time. Next time, don’t wait for him to bribe the service provider into cutting your connection; take your dog on walks regularly.


Have a life

This includes meeting real people, going on a date with a real girl, meeting up with friends in a bar and doing normal people stuff. Enjoying the sunshine and rain and sometimes the winter chilly winds. But yes, it means getting up from the chair and getting in touch with the real world.



Though this might not sound exciting, but a computer person (in my vocabulary, A computer person is one who is perennially married to his/her computer/laptop/desktop and refuses to move their bums from their chairs to even get a glass of water.) only leaves his beloved computer to sleep or answer nature’s call. And when the internet goes down, they get an excellent reason to reboot their brains with a long nap.


Curse, Abuse, Get violent

This paragraph has A Rating – At times when a man/woman gets frustrated beyond measure they may resort to unusual behavior like holding you by the collar and calling you ungodly names and accuse you of stealing their only guilty pleasure in life – the internet. They may also break a few pieces of furniture and demand the CIA or FBI or CID or some high tech agency to look into the matter and get their connection fixed immediately. In times like this, we suggest you take a chloroformed napkin and knock the person unconscious till things return to normal.

Last But Not the Least :P :D

If anyone asked you ,” Agar net sachime chala gaya to hum kya karenge??”

Ans:-Hawan Karenge, Hawan Karenge….



Moral:-My research has shown that internet addicts are as bad as drug addicts. Even though people can be put into rehabs where they can learn to live without those chemicals, it is next to impossible to make us internet addicts live without this. And as far as “having a life” is concerned, heaven forbid if we are forced to have one without the almighty cyber world.



Monday, 12 August 2013

Engineering an "ENGINEERING"

Since I was thinking about next topic to write on, I thought why don’t I write about Engineering an “Engineering”. Which means what I’ve learned in engineering and what’s its impact on my life?

Engineering Facts..(The list is simply endless.. sorry if I missed any)

·         After joining engineering. I really appreciate my brain which is divided into two parts Right and left.

1. In Right nothing is left.

2. In left nothing is right.

·         The two special days you thank god

1. The day you enter the engineering college

2. The day you passed and get out of engineering college.

·         Your family members don’t consider you engineer unless you don’t repair any of the home appliances.

·         Best English by Faculty in your college,

1.       Don’t try to talk in front of my back…!!.

2.       Tomorrow call your parents especially mother and father…!!!.

3.       Don’t laugh at the back benches...otherwise teeth and all will be fallen down..!!.

4.       Principal, “No ragging this college. Anybody rag we arrest the police”.

5.       “Hey, from tomorrow onward you both come together separately”.

6.       Teacher, “Okay guys, all of you stand in a straight circle!”

7.       Teacher to boy, angrily: I talk, he talk, why you middle-middle talk?

8.       Both of you three stand together separately.

9.       Open the doors of the window. Let the Air Force come in.

·         The income of Xerox owner is far more than what you will earn after placement.

·         Engineering is impossible without cigarette, Daru, weed, chillum.

·         You know you are in wrong class when more than three students are female and they’re all hot.


Keeping aside all these stupid facts I think every engineer ended up being the Aamir Khan of Ghajini, then instead of “girlfriend was killed”, he would have “some engineer was killed” written on his body, instead of planning a vengeance on Ghajini, there would have been “Kill Professors” all over his body and finally in place of all those numbers, addresses, dates etc, he would have the list of assignments to be submitted, the list of projects to be completed and the most importantly “go…get yourself some sleep” engraved on his body.

On another such occasion, friend once said “Yaar, it would be so wonderful if the 2012 prediction becomes a reailty….we can at least save ourselves from the dilemma of MS or MBA.

One simple straightforward reason that I could find for such thoughts was frustration. Frustration in itself appears something which everyone have in their life. But frustration from the perspective of an engineer is something different. I have learnt about this only after I started my journey to become one of those lakhs of engineers our country produces every year.

Every engineer is frustrated due to many reasons some of those im listing below:-
 Absence of girlfriend in life (a prime reason for most of my friends)…..Lack of taste and even quality in the canteen food…..Slow surfing and downloading speeds….The canteen getting closed early …..Inexplicable course load…..classes, assignments, labs etc …..Absence of sufficient holidays or professor taking a lecture on a holiday…..Not getting a chance to enjoy with friends during the semester…..No good movies to watch…..The xerox facility or some necessity going out of order…..No placement or a less pay package……

I could even find some worrying too much about the problems of the society like rising onion prices, increasing corruption and black money, India losing the match etc.

From serious real life troubles to simple silly futile things, every now and then, every single moment, every small damn thing ends up as a cause of worry for an engineer. Any small aberration from the routine appears as something monstrous and troublesome for an engineer…..and the real big question is how does he get out of this frustration, how does he deal with it, what can be the solution to his problems, what could give him some peace of mind.

By pointing out the above reasons, I am not saying that frustration is something a fellow who is weak in his academics or sports, is facing. Each and every engineer has frustration. Exactly 3 years ago, before coming to engineering college, I have just heard this term just like any other regular English word. It was never such a highlighted, much to be discussed about issue. But 8 semesters down the line, I could hear this word being uttered by every single friend of mine. Apparently there is no such engineer here, who seems to be happy with how the things are going, how the life is moving and how the semesters are passing by.

Frustration is a clear reflection of various hardships or the mental tensions an engineer is subjected to. There is no one who is like completely happy and untroubled. In fact I would say, he who had never got frustrated during his graduation period, hasn’t really experienced the true engineer life.

So what could be the possible solution to such small but still serious problem…..???

A change in the way you look at things….A change in the way you accept things… very much necessary.
If you are being subjected to some unnecessary tensions or pressures, try to face and fight it…..never let it overpower you.
Unable to bear the loads….maintain some regularity, consistency and discipline in the study and preparation matters….automatically you will feel the difference.

The moment you become a pessimist, then frustration follows and further defeat continues.
Try to look into the good in whatever you do or whatever is being done to/with you.
Take life positively… will immediately remove frustration from your dictionary.
Be the change that you wish to see….ending your troubles by mending your ways.


Moral:- Don’t take tension, sutta maro , daru piyo and bolo “Majja ni life’”

Monday, 5 August 2013

First Wardrobe Malfunction ( Dropadi Chirharan)

Thoda itihas me jaya jaye, lets talk about the first ever wardrobe malfunction, the draupadi chirharan, ye pehla wardrobe malfunction tha, jo intentional tha on the part of model, ha publicity stunt jarur tha, dushyashan ka, naito usase pehle unko kon janta tha. Ab apne dekha hoga dushasan chir khich rahe the and dropadi aaaaa. Dropadi ne ek bar bhi dushasan ko rokane ki koshish nai ki, dushasan kya kar rahe ho,bhagvan ke liye chod do. Bhagvan ke liye bolti, bhagvan abhi jate, bhagvan sabha mehi bethe the, par nia aaaa.jaise wo enjoy kar rahi he. Mano yash chopra ki muvi ka romantic song shoot ho raha ho aaa.

To ye chirharan chal raha he idhar and unke pacho pati bethe bethe dekh rahe the chirharan. Jaise ki aj Manmohan singh indian economy ka chirharan hote dekh rahe he. Matlab koi pati help karne ke liye nai uth raha, aur wobhi kaise uthate, sabha ki maryada bhi koi chij he, dharam ki avahelna ho jati ki bhai biwi ko jue me hare he majak thodina he, jaban kibhi koi value hoti he, chahe kal wo bolne layak na rahe.

Aur aise logo ko hum kehte he dharamraj, inhone apni wife koi jue me laga diya, aur wo kya karte, unke pas real estate ke namese dropaddi to thi, to wife ko jue me laga diya, usase consult bhi nai kiya ek bar bhi udhishthir ne ,"me dropadi , hum pandav actually soch rahe the hamara tumame jo stake he thoda kaurav kharidna cha rahe he, jue me thoda loss hogaya samajha karo". "Dharamraj par ye kaise??".  "Dropadi samjha karo gatbandhan kibhi apni alag majburiya hoti he." Dropadi ko patahi nai. Wo to bas shringar kar rahi thi, "sajna he mujhe, pacho ke liye…sajna he mujhe." Aur idhar guptchar ata he, "bhabhi". "Bolo guptchar". "Bhabhi wo apko..(crying) bhabhi wo apko sabha me bula rahe he bhabhi". "Yeto bohot achi bat he. Mujhe 5 min do me sari pehenke ati hu..
" "dekhlo bhabhi, shradha he apki. Baki jis attitude se waha log bethe he jarurat nai he."

Thoda rewind me jate he, jahase kahani shuru hui, arjun ne machli ki akh bhedi, aur unka dropadi se vivah kara diya gaya, aur dono chijo me koi relation anai he, matlab machli ki akh bhedna bottom line thi to kisi fisherman se karate.

Yeto wohi bat hui aj mukesh ambani bole, "me apni beti ki shadi next Olympic archery champion se karaunga, aur uske bhai he, to wo bhi sathme fere le sakte he."

Matlab pehle to apne bandi ko objectify kar diya,trophy banake dediya fir usko bat bhi lo. To mujhe lagta he dropadi ka chirharan uske actual chirharan se pehle hi hua tha.

Arjun to jitke bhi laye thebt baki yudishtar , bhim, nakul, sahedev wo to dropadi var thehi nai. Yudhishtir dekhiye unse waise bandiya nai patatai, kyoki udhishir good boy the aur ap jante ho, good boys get heaven and bad boys get women.

Yudhishthir ki shakal dekhake hi pata chal jata he ki inki to sirf arrange marriage hi possible he. Aur ye aise log he jo arrange marriage ke bad bhi single reh jate he, aur me hamesha sochta hu yudhishthtir hamesha sach bolte the, to wo flirt kaise karte honge. "Suniye…kaisi lag rahi hu??" "Moti…kafi moti taji hogayi hu tum dropadi"… "ap bhi na ..acha apko mujhe dekhake kya feel hota he???"  "Bojh, burden. Darling feel to shadi k eek do sal hi hote he baki log badme sirf gadi hi khichte he."  "You know what yudhishthir you are a looser." Aur yudhishthur ki sachai dekhiye unhone dropadi ki bat rakhne ke liye sachem unhe loose bhi kar diya.

Bhim bhi dropadi vardi nai the. Bhim us jamane ke sunny deol the. Me to sochta hu unhone propose kaise kiya hoga, "dropadi me tumse bohot pyar karta hu, I luv u very very much dropadi."  "Ye bhim bhaiya ap itne despo q sound karte he". "despo nai I luv u goddam it."

Nakul , sahedev bhi dropadi vardi nai the. Unkoto pandav hi nai manta me. Kyoki unko apni shadi mehi nai bulaya gayatha, jab fere ho rahe the wo kursiya laga rahe the.

To me sochta hu dropadi shadi hogayi ghar agayi, uske bad arjun ne dropadi ko convince kaise kiya hoga, "dropadi, wo yudhishthir bhaiya apse kuch akeleme bat akrna chahte he. Ha bhaiya andar ajao. To ap log fir bate karo me archery ki practice karke atahu. Are apnahi ghar samjho bhaiya ..shoose woose utardo ap."

Fir dropadi niche jhuki, "are are dropadi apki jaga mere charno me nai, ap bethiye.."

"Bhiaya ap kuch lenge?"  "Bhaiya nai apna mujhe mere 1st nam se bulaya kijiye."  "Dharamraj??"  "Dharamraj nai sirf raj. Apna lagta he." "To ap kuch lenge matlab appy, fruity koi juice??" "Wine he?? Ab dropadi meko kuch ghuma firake bat karna ti nai, actually mena tumhe like karta hu and tumhare sath frndship karna chahta hu."

Nyways back to central hall, jahape apna karyakram chalu tha, dushasan jot the wo chir khich rahe the, bhim ko gussa bhi araha tha. "Bhaiya ap kuch kar q nai rahe he."  "Chill bhim chill." "Bhaiya wo meribhi patni he"… "thi..thi bhim abto hum use har chuke he. Aur murkh to ye kaurav he jo khudki jiti hui chij ko bhi beijjat kar rahe he." Nakul="bhaiya wo meri bhi biwi he." "Nakul, biwi nai bhabhi he, husband to me hu, tum to ligand ho, khamkha dropadi ke sath complex coordination banate rehte ho."

Arjun ko gussa agaya, "bhaiya bhabhi hogi apki, jitke to me layatha"," to kya hua arjun? Harato me hu. Aur harke jitne wale ko yudhshtir kehte he."

Benzene Ring
Chirharan ke tym dropadi jot hi wo ek benzene ring ki tarah thi.kyuki unpe 6 logo ki najar thi, 5 pandav 1 dushasan. She was susceptible to any incoming nucleophile, electrophiles, lone pairs, ligands. Especially reducing agents, who could reduce out her tears. Chirharan se pehle dropadi ek substituted benzene ring ki tarah thi, kyoki unke ortho, meta, Para positions pe bhim, arjun aur yudhishthur substituted the. To kisi bhi incoming kaurav type group ke liye substitution karna bada mushkil tha. Wo bhi in 3d. sp3 hybridization apko yad hoga. To pehle to unhone pandavo ko wahase hataya, dropadi ko wapas planar banaya, taki asanise substitution ho paye. Acha dushasan jo the wo free radical the, kyoki free rehte the aur radical thinking thi, khulle me kam karte the sare.

To dushasan jo the chir khich rahe the,achanak Krishna bhagvan prakat hogaye, unke hathse sari nikalne lag gayi. Wo apne jamane ke spider man the, unke hathse puri ki puri saree hi nikalti thi, same colour ki same printed, fall wall bhi lagi hoti thi. Wo to usdin time nai tha warna usdin kanjiwaram hi nikalte the wo. Aur me sohta hu itni mehenat karneki kya jarurat thi, bhai ap jo he main switch off kar dete. Batti gayi bat gayi aur andhereme chirharan ho bhi gaya to kisko farak girega. Siway dropadi ke. Par nai. Bt mene socha ki nai itni precious situation thi, crunch moment tha bt pressure me thodehi thought ate he. To ap sudarshan se dropadi ki saree kat dete dushyasan gir jata aur dropadi ko leke bhag jate. Par nai. Apne to ego pehi leli. "Saree khech leni na tanne. Kaich. Dekho kitni khaiche aj khaich."
Ab main mudde pe atahu ki dropadi chirharan jot ha wo practically possible hi  nai he wo logo ko bewkuf banaya gaya he.Imagine kijiye me dropadi hu. Sirf imagine karna jyada dimag nai lagana. Aur meko top angle se dekhiye. Right me dushyasan he jo chir khich rahe he agar me anticlock wise rotate hoga to saree bhi anticlock wise lipti hui he. Left se Krishna saree de rahe he wo mujhpe anticlockwise ghumegi jis direction me me ghum raha hu. Now my point is ek hi direction me saree lipat bhi rahi he nd utar bhi rahi he kaise possible he? Ye tabhi possible he jab jo saree Krishna ke hath se nikal rahi he wo dushyasan directly khich rahe he matlab dropadi to abtak out of picture ho chuki he par wo phir bhi ghume ja rahi he wo abhi character mehi he. To ek point ke bad mujhe laga chirharan dekhake ki dropadi jo he wo apni izzat bachane ke liye nai sirf apna angle of momentum conserve karne ke liye ghumi jarahi he aur ap dekiye ki Krishna and dushyasan jo he wo torque couple bana rahe the.

Moral:- To ye padhke exam me roational motion pe ek sum aa sakta he.
Find the total number of revolution which dropadi took after the moment as saree came off to the moment she complete the process. Find the answer in Radians ? find the total work done by dushyasan in the process.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Good guys get heaven, Bad boys get Woman

Yesterday I was just thinking about all the boys who didn’t get girlfriends yet. And they have tried hard to impress girls but failed. This is not about those male hunks that failed to get their 3rd or may be 4th girlfriend. This goes out for all the good guys out there. The good guys who stay a friend and despite how much ever they want or wish, they do not cross the fine line between sacred friendship and pure love. The good guys will not take advantage of the girl or count out how many times he had to wait for her to get ready for the party where he is only escorting her as a friend. She takes him only because the guy she has a crush on is busy with some other high nosed girl. The good guy is jeered at for being the forever alone friend of a hot female who does not consider him anything more than just a friend.

The good guy talks for hours to this girl when her stupid boyfriend breaks her heart or has hurt her for something. He will run out in the middle of the night to get her notes photocopied or sneak in that pizza delivery to the girl. Many times these girls use nice guys for their own stuffs to get completed. These girls use their brain, money, or play with their emotions. He does not talk dirty about her when he is with his friends or lies about them having a relationship. He will compliment her from time to time and make her feel special, unlike that useless mean boy she is going out with who freely ogles at other females in front of her.

The good guy tries to hint that the bad ass guy the girl is actually all over is ultimately going to dump her soon, but does not stress on making her leave him. He just stands there forever as a pillar of support and tries to protect the girl from getting hurt at all times.

The good guy knows he might be hopelessly in love with her and has told her the same, but she wants to keep things on the “friend level”. He agrees and gives her time. And sometimes, things do work out. The girl understands that in this big bad world she can have this one man who will go to all lengths to keep her happy.

But more often than not, things don’t.

In this big bad world, you really do have a special place for yourself and everyone appreciates your strong support. They respect your niceness and efforts and the infinite patience you display in waiting for the girl to make up her mind.

Perhaps it is for those girls who do not value the nice ones that most have to turn into bad ones, whom you later have to crib about.

A salute to the good guys. And we are sure you will find the right girl for yourself, who will respect your being good and not underestimate the value of goodness in you.