Friday, 19 July 2013

What if the Cellphones become customised…

Cellphones are smartphones…Right? Most people think that, but it isn’t always true. Do you actually know what you are buying in store? You can spend thousands to buy factory made cellphone, but is it going to do exactly what you want? These days everyone likes to do many things in fact everything in their smart phones which includes playing games, listen to music, movies.. Wtf whats so smart in it..?? Ye sab to mere purane cell me bhi hota he.. Then why we spend thousands to buy smartphones? Whats smartness in buying one? These days smart phones can do anything the way you want. I think I don’t have to mention here, why people call it smartphones. Warna log mujhe “pandu” ( family audience he to pandu sehi kam chalalo..:P) bolenge.. Anyways jokes apart. But what will happen if these smartphones become customised??
Samsung, Apple, HTC these are top leading brand mobile companies out there today. Sure you pay for the name, and you get the best smartphone, but these companies could be making a fortune off of you. When you buy a cellphone in the store, you look at the specs(specification). The average person isn’t going to know what the hell it means, so they ask sales person. The sales person will know some information, mainly because it is staring them straight in the eye.
But what is our exact need from any smartphone?? And why I want to customize my cellphone ?? I want to use watsapp, play heavy games, high quality cameras, net surfing and many more. But all this at one time. Ask yourself how many things you can do simultaneously?? Thats why we call it smartphone I  guess. But if I want to do all the things simultaneously then what exactly I need ? Better processor ?? RAM?? GPU?? Before going into customization of smartphone tell me how many types of processor with their company you know ?? Okay first think and then continue reading . Intel, QUALCOMM (snapdragon), NVIDIA (tegra), Exynos, Mediatek, etc. these are some processor making companies. I don’t think people might know  Samsung in reality use Exynos processor than Intel or NVIDIA processor. When all the companies are giving almost same hardware then why people get confused between buying branded or non-branded smartphones. They should look on basis of usability and not only brand value. Yes, that’s why i think cell phones should get customized so that any buyer will not get confused about buying new cell phone.
Okay, we are into our topic now, so let’s check out pros of, if cellphones become customized.
       I like apple I-phone body so I keep it as my base. I like QUALCOMM(snapdragon) processor irrespective of core (I prefer dual or quad, jyada paisa hoga to octa..:P), then ram 1or 2 GB, camera from Sony bravia engine , HTC sense latest version and of course latest android.
Now my customized cell is ready. Now I’ve got everything I want in one single piece. I have body of my choice, camera of my choice, processor of my choice, user interface of my choice what else you want from your smartphones?? And seriously if u can create such smartphone then you can imagine what you can do with it. I don’t have to tell you what you can do with that extreme machine.
But in reality it won’t happen because every company has their own concept about smartphones.
Cons of, if cellphones become customized:_
There will be no competition between companies and users. We cannot boast ourselves with our smartphone in fact there won’t be any mobile company. Everyone will buy and change hardware. Companies will not launch new cell phones. And many more cons will be there.

In short,
Jo acha lage uthalo jyada sochte mat raho.

Moral: We live in era of smartphones and stupid people.