Sunday, 21 July 2013

Put an end to Rape culture

So let’s talk about rapes such happen in India. Rape cases are like Bermuda triangle for justice because if you are a rape victim justice is almost like impossible to find. Because recently sting operation done by some random news channel, that time they asked police officer, “ye rape q hote he?” To wo bole,” Dekhiye ladkiya jo he, wo simit kapdo me honi chahiye, ladkiya simit kapdo me nai rehti he to usase akarshan paida hota he, and wo akarshan aggressive kar deta he ki kardo bas.” To ap socho jis desh ke police itni tharki he unse ap kya expect kar sakte he ki kardo bas. Kya wo Raghu-rajeev ke roadies ke task he ki kardo bas. And akarshan kabse aggressive karne laga. I think akarshan is attraction, attraction leads to romance. Shahruk khan movie me kajol ke dekhake attracted hota he, to  wo gata he ya rape karta he?? Attraction leads to romance , desperation leads to rape. Also if the the boys gets aroused then its their problem, you deal with it. And if you seriously get aroused by seeing a girl in small clothes then you are very photosensitive, that just a small glimpse of a girl’s silicon valley turns you on then why don’t you channelize that energy into a creative writing, such as sequel of “fifty shades of grey” or “pride and prejudice” or “the notebook”. And this likes too much work then why don’t you go to a room and indulge self-entertainment.


And I don’t understand why we put blame on girls that they wear small clothes. Actually small clothes were never an issue. And let me be precise that length of fabric on a girl’s body is not a measure of character. It’s not about short clothes. I’ll tell you why, it depends upon boy’s thinking, sharif ladke he kuch nai hoga, kharab ladke he bohot kuch hoga. Like I am gentle and innocent boy , an engineer , if I see any girl wearing short clothes I also will see that girl for two times. First look,” BOSS… Kya he….(appreciating the female body)”. Second Look,” KASHH L L…..(getting back to reality that she can’t be mine)”. We will live entire fantasy in our head but we won’t force a girl to be part of our dream. We are so gentle and innocent boys that if we met any girl at night who got drunk and worn a short clothes we will drop that girl to her place first, thinking tomorrow when she will get up and come to know about me , she will fall for me. When we see very sexy girl, we don’t get aroused, we get doused and thinks that,” Are chodna aukat ke bahar he.”

So, this proves that people like us can live entire fantasy in our head without doing any violence, that means sexual attraction does not call sexual violence. . Fir police bolte he ki,” ladkine drink kar rakhi thi , to wo chahti thi ki kuch ho.” Pehle to koi un thullo ko samjhaye ki a “GIRL DOESN’T NEED TO GET DRUNK TO GET LAID, MEN DO. BECAUSE ITS NOT THEIR NEED , ITS OUR NEED.” And I don’t understand the logic of police that girl chahti thi ki kuch hoto fir q ladke jabardasti karte he? Matlab ladka offer karega,” Hey girl would you like to come up?” Girl-“No. Run…”.

When no logic works out, then they take help of indian culture saying, just because of western culture and western movies our people got this thinking. . To balika vadhu hi dikha lo usase sudharte hoto. And this people are blaming western culture such that before western movies indian people were unaware of all this things. It means we all born through photosynthesis. “ Bete ap kaise hue??” “ekdin mummy doperko jake angan me bethi, unpe suraj ki kirne padi aur teen mahine ke bad gharka chirag roshan hogaya.” We think its all western culture. Then tell me any random girl from some college got her mms clip and then her life got destroyed so she left india and after ten years same girl become became pornstar and we can see that girl in big boss with family, is this indian culture??

We gave the world a book(kamasutra) on that topic. So think of it when rest of the world was busy figuring out relative positions of planets around the sun. We in india were busy figuring out various permutations and combinations of men and women around each other.

Have you been to khajuraho?? It is a temple. That’s our culture. You go to khajuraho its an orgy of human imagination. Some of the possess are so acrobatic that they can make anthropologist blush. One woman three men, the hands and legs at vertices of octahedral and the object is to find the point defect in the crystal lattice. Then government justify about this topic saying people having bad thoughts all the time. Ye he ki ap dekho to imagination and hum dekhe to porn?? Bolte he ki all those images are just metaphors ki us tarike ke thoughts ap mandir ke bahar chodke jaye, so that bahar its kama and andar its only rama. If seeing erotic images helps you calm down then why porn is banned in the country. To bacho ko morning assembly me wohi chije dikhao and hope that every kid in the country turn out to be dalai lama. You want to empty your mind?? Forget meditation fill your folder with porn. All works and no foreplay makes a seventeen year juvenile(one of the rapist in delhi gang rape)  a horny boy. Tell me which western culture teach us all this things? That western culture only invented condoms,I-piils and birth control pill. Also invented electricity so that our girls can roam in nights. I’m not biased about indian culture and western culture . I think the only culture that I went truly worth respecting is agriculture because this is the only culture is same for all other civilization.                      



Moral: Little do we realize the power of the things that we think. Thoughts are the start of our actions. The way that we choose to think on a regular basis will eventually determine the things that we speak into fruition, which will eventually also effect our actions as well. The way that we think is a choice, even though it may not seem so. We can control the things that we put into our heads by studying and being around the things that we want to produce out of our minds.

In order to start thinking differently and to stop thinking as you used to you have to place yourself into a different place than you were before. If you want to think more positively for example, chances are you may have to prevent yourself from spending time around things that produce negative energy and vibes, including some of your friends, some of the television shows you watch, and so on. When we are truly able to change the way we think, only then are we ever able to change our world.