Monday, 12 August 2013

Engineering an "ENGINEERING"

Since I was thinking about next topic to write on, I thought why don’t I write about Engineering an “Engineering”. Which means what I’ve learned in engineering and what’s its impact on my life?

Engineering Facts..(The list is simply endless.. sorry if I missed any)

·         After joining engineering. I really appreciate my brain which is divided into two parts Right and left.

1. In Right nothing is left.

2. In left nothing is right.

·         The two special days you thank god

1. The day you enter the engineering college

2. The day you passed and get out of engineering college.

·         Your family members don’t consider you engineer unless you don’t repair any of the home appliances.

·         Best English by Faculty in your college,

1.       Don’t try to talk in front of my back…!!.

2.       Tomorrow call your parents especially mother and father…!!!.

3.       Don’t laugh at the back benches...otherwise teeth and all will be fallen down..!!.

4.       Principal, “No ragging this college. Anybody rag we arrest the police”.

5.       “Hey, from tomorrow onward you both come together separately”.

6.       Teacher, “Okay guys, all of you stand in a straight circle!”

7.       Teacher to boy, angrily: I talk, he talk, why you middle-middle talk?

8.       Both of you three stand together separately.

9.       Open the doors of the window. Let the Air Force come in.

·         The income of Xerox owner is far more than what you will earn after placement.

·         Engineering is impossible without cigarette, Daru, weed, chillum.

·         You know you are in wrong class when more than three students are female and they’re all hot.


Keeping aside all these stupid facts I think every engineer ended up being the Aamir Khan of Ghajini, then instead of “girlfriend was killed”, he would have “some engineer was killed” written on his body, instead of planning a vengeance on Ghajini, there would have been “Kill Professors” all over his body and finally in place of all those numbers, addresses, dates etc, he would have the list of assignments to be submitted, the list of projects to be completed and the most importantly “go…get yourself some sleep” engraved on his body.

On another such occasion, friend once said “Yaar, it would be so wonderful if the 2012 prediction becomes a reailty….we can at least save ourselves from the dilemma of MS or MBA.

One simple straightforward reason that I could find for such thoughts was frustration. Frustration in itself appears something which everyone have in their life. But frustration from the perspective of an engineer is something different. I have learnt about this only after I started my journey to become one of those lakhs of engineers our country produces every year.

Every engineer is frustrated due to many reasons some of those im listing below:-
 Absence of girlfriend in life (a prime reason for most of my friends)…..Lack of taste and even quality in the canteen food…..Slow surfing and downloading speeds….The canteen getting closed early …..Inexplicable course load…..classes, assignments, labs etc …..Absence of sufficient holidays or professor taking a lecture on a holiday…..Not getting a chance to enjoy with friends during the semester…..No good movies to watch…..The xerox facility or some necessity going out of order…..No placement or a less pay package……

I could even find some worrying too much about the problems of the society like rising onion prices, increasing corruption and black money, India losing the match etc.

From serious real life troubles to simple silly futile things, every now and then, every single moment, every small damn thing ends up as a cause of worry for an engineer. Any small aberration from the routine appears as something monstrous and troublesome for an engineer…..and the real big question is how does he get out of this frustration, how does he deal with it, what can be the solution to his problems, what could give him some peace of mind.

By pointing out the above reasons, I am not saying that frustration is something a fellow who is weak in his academics or sports, is facing. Each and every engineer has frustration. Exactly 3 years ago, before coming to engineering college, I have just heard this term just like any other regular English word. It was never such a highlighted, much to be discussed about issue. But 8 semesters down the line, I could hear this word being uttered by every single friend of mine. Apparently there is no such engineer here, who seems to be happy with how the things are going, how the life is moving and how the semesters are passing by.

Frustration is a clear reflection of various hardships or the mental tensions an engineer is subjected to. There is no one who is like completely happy and untroubled. In fact I would say, he who had never got frustrated during his graduation period, hasn’t really experienced the true engineer life.

So what could be the possible solution to such small but still serious problem…..???

A change in the way you look at things….A change in the way you accept things… very much necessary.
If you are being subjected to some unnecessary tensions or pressures, try to face and fight it…..never let it overpower you.
Unable to bear the loads….maintain some regularity, consistency and discipline in the study and preparation matters….automatically you will feel the difference.

The moment you become a pessimist, then frustration follows and further defeat continues.
Try to look into the good in whatever you do or whatever is being done to/with you.
Take life positively… will immediately remove frustration from your dictionary.
Be the change that you wish to see….ending your troubles by mending your ways.


Moral:- Don’t take tension, sutta maro , daru piyo and bolo “Majja ni life’”